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Additional Setup Information

Before you can run the tutorials (or any application based on FairCom database technology), you will need to start the FairCom Server, which is also known as the FairCom Database Engine or the "c-tree Server."

Most of the FairCom products leverage the same FairCom Server technology. For example, FairCom DB packages use the FairCom Database Engine as a database server and an SDK; FairCom Edge packages it as an embedded database or as an IIoT Hub, and c-treeRTG packages it as a file handler for COBOL and Btrieve applications.

For more detailed instructions, see the advanced chapters later in the book.

FairCom provides many options for installing, starting, and stopping the c-tree server depending on your platform. The next sections present options for Windows and Linux, Unix, and Mac.

In This Chapter

Installing the FairCom Database Engine

Installing the Windows Service with FairComConfig.exe

Starting the FairCom Database Engine

Stopping the FairCom Database Engine

Monitoring the FairCom Database Engine

SQL Port and IPv4 vs IPv6