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Monitoring the FairCom Database Engine

It is important to know when the FairCom Server is running. This is particularly true when using an evaluation license because it causes the database to shut down automatically every 3 hours. (Note that an evaluation license allows you to restart the server as many times as you like.) If you would like a longer running evaluation license, reach out to FairCom the Sales Team for possible options.

You can run multiple instances of the FairCom Server on the same computer as long as each instance is configured to use a different TCP/IP port and a different folder for its data files and control files. Thus, it is important to know when more than one instance of the server is running with the same communication and location settings because this causes incorrect behavior, such as connection problems.

The following sections describe various ways of determining if the FairCom Server is running.


Windows environments provide these ways to tell if the FairCom Server is currently running:

  • Programmatically - Simply attempt to connect to the Server process with your application.
  • Server Log File - Examine CTSTATUS.FCS looking for the string "Server is Operational" at the end of the file. Be sure you don’t have "Server shutdown completed" after the Operational message.


  • Windows Service - If the server is running as a service, the methods described in Starting & Stopping the Windows Service can be used to determine if the service is still running.
  • Windows Executable - If the server was started manually, the methods described earlier in Starting on Windows can be used to determine if the service is still running.