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c-treeDB API for VB.Net

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Command-Line Compile - Windows

This section explains the steps to compile and run the c-treeDB .NET VB tutorials from the Microsoft Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt (also called the Native Tools Command Prompt).

This section is oriented toward a command-line running on Microsoft Windows. The principles are similar for other environments that provide .NET support, such as Linux/Unix.

  • The tutorial requires that you have installed the Microsoft Windows SDK, available from Microsoft Windows SDK.
  • FairCom currently supports the 2015, 2017, and 2019 versions of Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • If the FairCom Database Engine is not already running on your machine, start the server. See Starting the FairCom Database Engine.
  • On Windows, be sure the ODBC driver is installed. See Configuring the ODBC Data Source.
  1. Open the Developer Command Prompt window, typically available from the Windows Start menu for your version of Microsoft Visual Studio: Visual Studio 2017 > X64 Native Tools Command prompt for VS 2017

    Where 2017 is your version of Visual Studio and X64 is for a 64-bit version of c-tree (note “64” in the name of the default installation directory) or X86 for a 32-bit version of c-tree.

    Warning - the Developer Command Prompt Start menu entries which do not specify a bit depth actually open the 32-bit version of the Developer Command Prompt, which is always the wrong one for c-treeEDGE.

    For more details, see the Microsoft Developer Command Prompt web page.

  2. In the Developer Command Prompt window, move to the drivers\vb.nav\tutorials\cmdline directory and execute the BuildTutorials.bat file. (If you are using c-treeRTG or FairCom Edge, adjust the path to match your product.

    This batch file will determine the version of the Microsoft C compiler you are using and will set the internal paths accordingly. It will then compile the tutorials included for this driver.

    After the tutorials have been built, the batch file will run them one-at-a-time. A prompt will ask you to press <Enter> before running each tutorial.

    If you see a c-tree error, you can look it up in the Error Code Reference. See the "Troubleshooting" section below for solutions to common problems.

The first tutorial should look similar to the image below when running:


Logon to server...


Open table...

Add fields...

Create table...


Delete records...

Add records...

Display records...

1000 Bryan Williams

1001 Michael Jordan

1002 Joshua Brown

1003 Keyon Dooling


Close table...


Press <ENTER> key to exit . . .

Executing the Tutorials by Hand

You can run the tutorials individually using the executables located in \drivers\vb.nav\tutorials\cmdline





Running in Debug Mode

To fully observe this API in action, you can single-step through the code with the Visual Studio integrated debugger. You can call this as follows:

devenv tutorial1.exe

devenv tutorial2.exe

devenv tutorial3.exe

devenv tutorial4.exe

Hint: A better way to single-step and debug is to open the Visual Studio solution that we provide. See Compile Using Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.


This section lists some of the errors that can occur when compiling and running these tutorials:

cl.exe not found! Please set environment for Visual C/C++ compiler.

The most common cause of this error is running the BuildTutorials.bat file from a DOS shell or normal Windows command shell rather than from the Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt window.

ERROR: [133] - c-tree logon error.

The most common cause of this error is that the FairCom Database Engine is not running on your machine. Remember that the c-tree evaluation license times out after 3 hours, so the server might have exited and needs to be re-started. See Installing FairCom Products for details.