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FairCom Connector for ThingWorx AlwaysOn

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ThingWorx Store and Forward

Being able to store and forward data from a new table record to a ThingWorx "thing" is critical for ensuring data is delivered when the network or target system is unavailable. In most IoT scenarios (think factory floor, smart city, mobile equipment, etc.), being able to rely 100% on communication links is not realistic. When some level of outage is over, store and forward ensures that vital messages are delivered. Store & Forward provides the peace of mind that the information needed by ThingWorx will be delivered once the communication link is reestablished or ThingWorx is back online.

Version 3.0.1 of the FairCom Edge ThingWorx AlwaysOn connector now provides its store and forward capabilities to ThingWorx. When ThingWorx is unavailable, FairCom Edge stores the data it collects. When ThingWorx is available again, FairCom Edge automatically forwards the data. This store and forward functionality is part of ThingWorx update mode 1 - "send every new record to ThingWorx".

For information about how to use this feature, see A Guide to the Windows in the tutorial and Three ThingWorx Update Modes.