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File corruption with FairCom DB should be a very rare event. Transaction control over files prevents most file corruption. However, non-transaction controlled files always have some risk. Detecting a change in integrity state is important for identifying root causes. A message is now logged to CTSTATUS.FCS at the time a file is marked corrupt and process stack trace is created. Sample message:

- User# 00027 UPDFLG: mark.dat updLoc=1016 updflg=52x oldflg=0x

This message identifies the file name, the code location where the update flag was set, and the new and old values of the update flag. If the file is an index member, the index member number follows the filename. For example "mark.idx[1]" indicates the first index member.

For detailed analysis, DIAGNOSTICS UPDFLG enables logging of every change to a file's update flag.

The flag values are single hex bytes. updLoc is a four-digit location code to later determine which c-tree function was actually responsible for the update.