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The potential possibility of a disk write failure may go unreported with the FairCom DB Server. With a data or index file write failure, the FairCom DB Server could possibly continue operations, and assume the cache has been properly flushed to disk. While the transaction logs maintain data integrity, particular transactions may be marked as not flushed to disk, holding previous transaction logs from being discarded.

This server configuration keyword will cause the contents of the write request to be appended to the WRITE_ERR.FCS file. If the write is for more than 32K bytes, then only the first 32K bytes are output to the file.

To detect this situation may occur, a notification is now logged to CTSTATUS.FCS when and if a WRITE_ERR occurs. The log entry will include the file name, the offset of the write attempt, the system error code, the size of the write request and the number of bytes written. Optionally, the contents of the write request can be output to a file as well.

Note: These entries should be extremely rare!

This behavior is on by default. If this is undesirable, a new server configuration keyword will inhibit these messages: