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TOT_MEMORY <bytes>

This keyword has been Deprecated.

If greater than zero, the total number of bytes the system will attempt to allocate for all uses (including index and data caches specified by the IDX_MEMORY and DAT_MEMORY keywords). If the system usage exceeds this level, attempts will be made to reduce discretionary allocations. If zero, no memory limit is imposed.

The TOT_MEMORY option will cause an operation to fail with an insufficient memory error such as TSHD_ERR (72) or QMEM_ERR (92) when the memory limit is reached. If this limit is exceeded, it may cause a user to flush preimage memory, but it will cause a TSHD_ERR (72) if the system limit is exceeded during preimage operations.

Memory management attempts to permit the server to survive exceeding the optional TOT_MEMORY limit. Although every effort is made to avoid this situation, it is possible that using this option could cause FairCom Server to terminate if it needs memory in a critical situation and cannot get memory, even if memory is available on the system. For these reasons, the use of this option can be risky.

Default: 0

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