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PAGE_SIZE <bytes>

The number of bytes per buffer page (maximum 65536 bytes). Only the following values are accepted (all other values generate an error):

  • 1024
  • 2048
  • 4096
  • 8192
  • 16384
  • 32768
  • 65536

To encourage compatibility across different FairCom DB environments, we suggest not modifying the PAGE_SIZE. However, if performance is of concern, this value may be modified to suit the characteristics of the operating system. Generally, this is a matter to discuss with the application programmer.

Default: 32768 in V12 and later (before V12, the default was 8192)

Warning: Changing the PAGE_SIZE is a maintenance task that should be done carefully and with a full reliable backup. Practice on a copy of your data and server folder until you are confident with the results. For procedures, see Adjusting PAGE_SIZE in the FairCom Installation Guide.

Note: A file created with a larger PAGE_SIZE cannot be opened by a server with a smaller PAGE_SIZE.