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Causes transaction begin and commit operations to skip the flushing of the log file when its argument is YES. The default is NO. Suppressing the log flush makes it impossible to perform a proper automatic recovery. However, a dynamic dump will capture the necessary log information to restore TRNLOG files to a clean, consistent state. Using this keyword without the PREIMAGE_DUMP keyword is not recommended

By turning on PREIMAGE_DUMP and using PREIMG files, your system can run much faster than with full transaction processing, and still perform on-line dynamic dumps which will permit restoring files to the time of the dump in a clean, consistent state. However, it will NOT be possible to roll forward from the restored files because transaction log entries are not maintained outside of the dump process. See also PREIMAGE_DUMP and Advanced - Faster Auto-Recovery.

Note: We do not recommend disabling this keyword, as your data integrity will suffer. Be sure you understand what you are doing if you plan to change the default setting of this keyword.

Default: NO

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