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FORCE_LOGIDX allows LOGIDX support to be forced on, off, or disabled:

  • ON forces all indexes to use LOGIDX entries.
  • OFF forces all indexes not to use LOGIDX entries.
  • NO uses existing file modes to control LOGIDX entries.

The LOGIDX file mode is an index file mode permitting faster index automatic recovery during FairCom Server startup. Transaction controlled indexes with this file mode are recovered more quickly than with the standard transaction processing file mode TRNLOG. This feature can significantly reduce recovery times for large indexes and has not noticeably degraded the speed of index operations. LOGIDX is only applicable if the file mode also includes TRNLOG.

Note: The LOGIDX file mode is intended for index files only, and is ignored in data files. When adding the LOGIDX file mode to an existing index that is not under transaction control, be sure to rebuild the index to enable transaction control.

Default: ON

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