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KEEP_LOGS <number of inactive logs>

If greater than zero, KEEP_LOGS specifies the number of non-active transaction log files kept on disk in addition to the active log files. When a greater-than-zero KEEP_LOGS value is exceeded, the FairCom Server automatically deletes the oldest inactive log file as new log files are needed. If KEEP_LOGS is zero, inactive log files are immediately deleted by the FairCom Server. If KEEP_LOGS is -1, no inactive log files are deleted by the FairCom Server.

KEEP_LOGS permits the archiving of transaction logs. Inactive log files may be safely moved, deleted, copied or renamed. An inactive log file which is not immediately deleted by the FairCom Server is renamed from the form L*.FCS to the form L*.FCA. The last character in the extension is changed from ‘S’ to ‘A’, with the rest staying the same.

Default: 0