ODBC - c-tree Plus Edition

Quick Start
ODBC History/Overview
Tutorial Setup
c-tree Server Tutorial Preparation
Copy Sample Data
Building a FairCom Data Dictionary Script
c-tree ODBC Driver Setup
Tutorial File Layout
Getting Started with Your Data
Installing a Vendor Supplied Script
Browse Method
Script Method
Additional tips for the ctree Server Script
ODBC/Application Setup
ODBC Setup Dialog Options
FairCom Data Dictionary - In Depth
Defining Multiple Databases
Adding Files to the Dictionary
Generic ODBC Compliant Application Notes
c-tree ODBC Driver Technical Details
c-tree ODBC Driver Purpose
Driver Types
ODBC Compliance
Scalar Functions
SQL Conformance
Minimum SQL Grammar
Core SQL Grammar
Extended SQL Grammar
Driver Constraints
Limitations of SQL_LONGVARCHAR
c-tree ODBC Driver Licensing
Advanced Topics
Performance Optimization
Data Dictionary Creation - Import Method
Import Script
Multiple Database Script
File Locations
32-bit Microsoft Supplied Files
32-bit FairCom Supplied Files
FairCom Supplied Sample Files
Advanced - Registry Options
Adding a Shareable DSN
Force Close Option
Japanese two-byte character (EUC) support
Optionally Disable Floating Point Unit Exceptions
DSN-less ODBC connections
No such database
No table names appear in the Select Table dialog box
Not able to open *.FCS file
Specified driver could not be loaded
Update failed. Continue editing record?
System Catalog's Files Need to be Rebuilt
Value Required
FairCom Typographical Conventions
Copyright Notice