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c-treeRTG COBOL Edition User's Guide

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c-treeRTG Setup and Installation

A brief description of each of the c-treeRTG COBOL Edition components is presented in this chapter. Each component is contained in a separate installation folder area.

  • Driver - This area is where developers can go and get started right away. All of the FairCom DB tutorials for each application interface are contained here, and are ready to load and run. In many cases, you are up and running with FairCom DB database technology in minutes.
  • Server - The server\sql directory contains the powerful FairCom DB SQL engine, already started as a service in most Microsoft Windows environments. You will find your data in this area when you begin using FairCom DB SQL. A single directory contains the entire FairCom DB SQL database. FairCom DB SQL is smaller than 10 megabytes yet rivals the performance of other database products hundreds of times its size!
  • Tools - This area contains a collection of sleek and modern FairCom DB tools. Two folders are provided:

    cmdline contains basic command line tools, for administrative tasks.

    guitools contains the binaries for all of the FairCom DB tools installed and available from the Windows Start menu.

  • Tutorials - To ensure your c-treeRTG COBOL Edition environment is correctly set up and working, a helpful COBOL example is provided in the tutorials directory under ctree.cobol.

In This Chapter

c-treeRTG File System Overview

c-treeRTG Server Set-up

c-treeRTG Runtime Drivers

c-treeRTG Configuration and Management

c-treeRTG COBOL Edition Directories