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Installing on Linux, Raspbian, Android Things, and Unix

The FairCom c-tree Server for Unix-style platforms is distributed as a .tar file. Expand this file in any folder and it will create its own subfolder similar to:


The FairCom Server on Unix can be installed in any directory location as long as ownership and permissions permit access to resources and data.

Installing on Windows

When the FairCom Server is distributed as a Microsoft Installer file (.msi), install it by running the installer. This is the preferred approach because it automatically installs and configures several key features:

  • Running the FairCom Server as a Windows Service
  • Installing ODBC

When the FairCom Server is distributed as a .zip file, expand the file in any folder.

Tip: Use 7-zip because it does not have the limitations with the number of files and file paths that Windows built-in zip has.

In both cases, the FairCom Server will be installed into a subfolder of the folder you choose. The subfolder name will start with the product name and be followed by the OS, CPU architecture, and software version:


Installing as a Windows Service

This section explains how to run the FairCom Server as a Windows Service so it automatically starts when Windows starts. The Microsoft Installer for the FairCom Server does this automatically. When installing the .zip version of the product, you must manually set up the Windows Service using the command‑line utility sc.exe.

Microsoft Windows supports background processes known as services that are handled differently by the operating system. Services may be configured to start automatically at system startup or to start manually by a user. Services have no user interface and can continue to run even when no users are logged on to the system. The operating system automatically terminates services at system shutdown or a user can manually terminate them.

FairCom’s Server is compatible with Windows Services.

To manually install the FairCom Server as a Windows service, open the command prompt as an administrator and use the Windows sc.exe command.


C:> sc create "FairCom DB" binPath= "C:\install_path\faircom.exe" start= auto DisplayName= "FairCom Database Engine"

Tip: A space is required after binPath=, start=, and DisplayName=

The FairCom service features all capabilities and advantages of Windows services described above. As with any service, the FairCom service can be configured to start automatically when the machine comes up, can run invisibly no matter which users are logged on or if no user is logged on, and will shut down automatically when the host machine shuts down.

To learn more about installing as a Windows service, see the topics in the section titled Installing the Windows Service with FairComConfig.exe.

Other Platforms

The FairCom Server can run on additional platforms. If you need to request a download for another platform, contact FairCom.