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Supported Platforms

  • Windows 32- and 64-bit
  • Windows IoT
  • Linux x86 and x64
  • Raspbian 32- and 64-bit
  • Android Things
  • ARM 32- and 64-bit
  • Raspberry Pi OS
  • macOS Catalina (V10.15)
  • macOS Mojave (v10.14), and most prior versions are still supported if needed
  • IBM Power 9 (P9)
  • IBM s390 Mainframe under Linux - Contact FairCom for availability

The FairCom Server is highly portable and ports to new platforms are typically under development. Be sure to contact us if you are interested in a platform you don't see listed. The FairCom Server has been ported to dozens of platforms over the years. Generally, all that is required is a supported C compiler.

Requirements for Windows

This section provides the hardware/software requirements and installation/configuration procedures for Windows.

Windows Visual Studio

FairCom DB V12 supports the following Microsoft Visual Studio versions out of the box:

  • VS 2015
  • VS 2017
  • VS 2019

Prior VS versions remain available. Contact FairCom if you have a specific need for a legacy version.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB RAM

250 MB Disk space + space for your data + index files (assuming default 120 MB transaction LOG_SPACE setting in ctsrvr.cfg)


FairCom offers special editions of the FairCom Server for embedding in devices. They can be optimized to require much fewer resources. Configuration options can increase or decrease resource requirements, such as memory. For details, please contact FairCom.

Additional memory is needed for additional users beyond 16 concurrent users and larger data and index caches.

Cache sizes larger than 2GB require a 64-bit version of the OS and a 64-bit version of the FairCom Server.

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