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Installing FairCom Products

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You can manage the behavior of your FairCom product by changing settings in the ctsrvr.cfg file, which is in the <FairCom-Installation-Folder>/server/config/ folder.

The next sections provide a brief introduction to the settings that are most important when configuring your product for the first time.

To learn more about configuring the FairCom Server, see the following:

To configure ports for FairCom services see, Configuring the Application Server.

In This Section

Configuring the Application Server

Configuring Ports for Security

Configuring Memory Usage

Configuring Communications

Configuring TCP/IP Broadcast

Configuring the Tool Tray Interface on Windows

Configuring the FairCom Server as a Windows Service

Configuring the FairCom Server on Linux, Raspbian, Android IoT, and Unix

Configuring Unix-based Systems