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The License Authorization File is a binary file containing your unique license assigned by FairCom. This licensing information permits the FairCom Server to do the following:

  • Run on a specified operating system.
  • Support specific features.
  • Support a fixed number of concurrent users and/or connections to the FairCom c-tree Server.
  • Utilize a fixed number of CPUs on the host computer.

Note: You may get a license directly from FairCom or from a vendor who has bundled the FairCom Server with their solution.

The license file is named ctsrvr‑<SN>.lic where <SN> is the unique Serial Number assigned to your server instance and provided by FairCom.

Installing a License File

You install a license file by placing it in the folder where the FairCom server binary is located, which is, for example:


In the image below, the license file is highlighted and is named ctsrvr39001664.lic.

The default license that ships with the FairCom Server is a DEMO license that allows the c-tree Server to run for 3 hours before it automatically shuts down.

Installing a Developer License

When you are evaluating a FairCom product, you can request a developer’s license that does not shut down every 3 hours and that supports larger hardware configurations.

The Developer edition of the FairCom Server includes a ctsrvr‑<SN>.lic file configured to support up to 32 concurrent connections and can operate on up to 2 concurrent CPU cores (as reported by the operating system which may include physical CPUs, CPU cores, or virtual CPUs assigned to a partition).

Development servers are licensed exclusively for development and testing purposes and only by the developer who is the license holder. They are expressly not authorized for production use. Should you need additional licenses for testing or if you wish to test with a license file supporting a greater number of connections or CPUs, please contact FairCom.

Installing a Production License

When purchasing a FairCom Server license for product use, you will receive a ctsrvr‑<SN>.lic file via email, along with a “Proof of Entitlement” document that summarizes the configuration of your c-tree Server license file.

Reading a License File

An example developer license is shown below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="us ascii"?>

<ctlicense version="2">






<servtype>ALL (Standard SQL)</servtype>


<private>EDE . . . QGP</private>



You can read the most relevant sections of this XML file in plain text regarding serial numbers, connection and CPU counts. If this licensing file is not present, you will receive a 960 error in your CTSTATUS.FCS status log upon startup:

"LICENSE ERROR: License initialization failed: Missing license file."