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FairCom Server Installation

FairCom Server installation can be completed in three simple steps:

  1. Install the FairCom Server and support utilities.
  2. License FairCom DB with an appropriate License Authorization File.

    Note: If you purchased c-tree from an application vendor, that vendor may provide a licensed FairCom Server. If you are a developer, c-tree provides a license for development purposes.

  3. Start FairCom DB.

This chapter provides the information necessary for installing the FairCom Server in specific environments. Before proceeding, please verify that your application vendor has not provided their own set of installation instructions. Many application vendors will provide FairCom Server configuration settings specifically tuned for their application. Always follow your application vendor instructions over the following installation instructions.

The “Minimum Hardware Requirements” sections discuss the minimum memory (RAM) requirements of the FairCom Server not including operating system and other application memory requirements. Additional RAM for file caching, opening files, supporting many users, etc., is encouraged for optimal performance and functionality. Server Memory Calculations provides formulas for approximating FairCom Server memory requirements.

The hard drive space specifications contained in the following sections indicate the minimum space necessary to install the FairCom Server on each particular operating system or platform.

In This Chapter

License Authorization File

Installing on Your Operating System

Multiple FairCom DB Servers on One Machine

TCP/IP Broadcast Support

Heterogeneous Server Network Support