c-treeACE V11.0 Release Notes

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JDBC - Character Set Can Now Be Specified in the Connection URL

In V11 and later, special "high-bit" characters (ASCII > 127) can be properly displayed in c-treeACE SQL JDBC-based tools. The JDBC driver encodes all strings as UTF‑16 because that is the format used by Java. Prior to this change, the source was assumed to be UTF‑8. It is now possible to specify the character set in the URL so it can be handled properly.

The character set can be specified in the connection URL as follows:


The URL string has the following components:

  • jdbc:ctree - An identifying protocol and subprotocol string for the c-treeACE SQL JDBC Driver.
  • :port - The port number associated with the c-treeACE SQL server on the host system.
  • @host_name - Name of the server system where the database resides.
  • :db_name - Name of the database.
  • ?characterEncoding=encoding - Replace encoding with a valid Java encoding name (e.g., US‑ASCII, ISO‑8859-1, UTF‑8, etc.).