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ctsqlimp - FairCom DB SQL Import Utility

The FairCom DB SQL import utility, ctsqlimp, utility “registers” or links existing c-tree files with a FairCom DB SQL database without modifying the table structure such that the files remain accessible from the original application and also accessible from FairCom DB SQL.

For more information about this utility, see ctsqlimp - SQL Import Utility.

In This Section

Auto Import

ctsqlimp Usage

Specifying Primary Keys from Imported Indexes

ctsqlimp Check for Max Number of Indexes/Segments

Allow Linking SQL Indexes with Rightmost Segment(s) on Hidden Field(s)

Mapping Unsigned Integers with FairCom DB SQL

Check for Invalid Characters in Field Names

Support for Importing Table with an Alternative Name

Null Fields and Field Default Values Considerations

ctsqlimp Import Indexes with Segment on String Field Missing Last Byte

Import Duplicate Filenames into FairCom DB SQL

Auto Import Callback

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Auto Import

FairCom DB has the ability to "Auto Import" a table into SQL at the time it is accessed. To use this feature, you will need to supply a SQL callback library providing the information needed to import the database, such as the database name, the table owner, and the table name. At runtime, when the SQL parser encounters an object not present as a table in the system tables, it calls the registered function and imports the database.

For more information about "Auto Import", see Auto Import Callback.