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Using Reserved Keywords with Microsoft Excel

A feature was added to allow a query from Microsoft Excel and ODBC on tables containing fields identified with FairCom DB SQL reserved keywords. The FairCom DB ODBC Driver now considers a qualified identifier (i.e., a field name preceded by the table name in the form: tablename.fieldname) as a field even if it is a reserved keyword. This is done by automatically wrapping the qualified fieldname in double quotes, which has the effect of making it case-sensitive. Because this behavior only applies to qualified identifiers it can be avoided by specifying only the fieldname without the tablename.

To use this particular feature with Microsoft Excel and the FairCom DB ODBC Driver, a data source should specify the string “DHQQI” in the Options field of the Data Source Configuration window. This option enables the extended processing for only this connection.

c-treeACE SQL ODBC Configuration Window