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Nodename + Process ID used to identify ODBC applications

The ODBC API does not have an interface to specify extra identifying information that our server can display to identify a specific application using the ODBC driver. By default, c-tree Server set the "nodename" to "SQL:<dbname>" when a new connection was made.

It is now possible to display a client process ID connected to the server. On the server side, when SQL_OPTION PID_IN_NODEID is specified in ctsrvr.cfg, the client process ID is appended to the default nodename as "SQL: PID <client pid>". If the client application does not pass the PID information, the original default nodemane is still used. The default node name can be overwritten at any time after connection by a client calling the fc_set_nodename built-in stored procedure.

This nodename string is displayed for all SQL client APIs and tools except for JDBC-based APIs/tools.