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The FairCom Server optionally maintains a list of data and index files and the number of bytes of data and/or index cache to be primed at file open. When priming cache, the server reads the specified number of bytes for the given data file into data cache when physically opening the data file.

To prime index files, use configuration entries of the form:

PRIME_INDEX <idx file name>#<bytes primed>[#<member no>]

If the optional <member no> is omitted, all index members are primed. If an index member number is specified, only that member is primed. For example, the following keyword instructs the server to read the first 100,000 bytes of index nodes in customer.idx into the index buffer space at file open:

PRIME_INDEX customer.idx#100000

The nodes are read first for the host index, and then for each member until the entire index is primed or the specified number of bytes has been primed.

The following example restricts the priming to the first member (the index after the host index):

PRIME_INDEX customer.idx#100000#1

A <data file name> or <index file name> can be a wildcard specification using a ‘?’ for a single character and a ‘*’ for zero or more characters. See FairCom DB Standard Wildcards.

Default: No priming

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