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PRIME_CACHE_BY_KEY <data_file_name>#<data_record_bytes_to_prime>#<index_number>

The PRIME_CACHE configuration option supports priming the data cache with the specified number of bytes of data from the specified data file, in physical order from the start of the data file. PRIME_CACHE_BY_KEY supports priming the data cache in forward AND reverse order by index.

  • data_file_name specifies the name of the c-tree data file whose records are to be read into the FairCom Server’s cache. The file name may include wildcard characters (see FairCom DB Standard Wildcards).
  • data_record_bytes_to_prime specifies the maximum number of bytes of data records to read into the FairCom Server’s cache.
  • index_number specifies the relative key number of the index to use when reading the data records. Specify 1 to indicate the first index, 2 to indicate the second index, etc., based on the index definitions stored in the data file’s IFIL resource. Specify a negative value to indicate that records should be read in reverse key order by that index.


PRIME_CACHE_BY_KEY mark.dat#100000000#-1

Primes up to 100,000,000 bytes from mark.dat reading by the first index in reverse key order.

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