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With the COMPATIBILITY TCPIP_CHECK_DEAD_CLIENTS keyword in the Server configuration, the FairCom DB Server detects when a TCP/IP client has dropped. Every 120 seconds, the client connection socket is rechecked to ensure that it is still a valid communications channel. If a connection is found to be invalid, the Server terminates the connection. This functionality is not currently supported on the FairCom DB Server for the Mac, OS/2, or early Linux (kernel earlier than v2.036) platforms.

The FairCom DB Server normally recognizes when a client disconnects. However, the Server relies on a chain of events controlled by the operating system to recognize the disconnection. The client computer must notify the Server host computer that the connection has been dropped. For example: When a user closes an application, the socket is closed by the operating system, which sends a message to the Server host machine. However, if the network connection is temporarily interrupted or if the client machine is powered down suddenly, this message is not sent and the Server host machine can’t recognize that the client connection has dropped.

Default: 1800 seconds (30 minutes)

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