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On Linux, FairCom supports 2 methods for binding the FairCom Server to a given set of CPUs. The easiest method (supported staring with V12) is to use the CPU_AFFINITY keyword (the same format is supported for both Windows and Linux).

The second method is using the taskset command shown below.


taskset [options] [mask | cpu-list] [pid | cmd [args...]]

Set or get the affinity of a process:

  • -p, --pid - Operate on existing given pid
  • -c, --cpu-list - Display and specify CPUs in list format
  • -h, --help - Display this help
  • -v, --version - Output version information

The default behavior is to run a new command:

taskset 03 sshd -b 1024

You can retrieve the mask of an existing task:

taskset -p 700

Or set it:

taskset -p 03 700

List format uses a comma-separated list of CPUs instead of a mask:

taskset -pc 0,3,7-11 700

Ranges in list format can take a stride argument, for example:


is equivalent to mask: