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Installing as a Windows Service

This section provides details for Windows Administrators that aren’t familiar with the Microsoft Windows Service console, or are interested in automating the configuration of the FairCom Server as a Windows Service through the Microsoft sc.exe utility.

Microsoft Windows supports background processes known as services that are handled somewhat differently by the operating system. Services may be configured to start automatically at system startup or to start manually by a user. Services have no user interface and can continue to run even when no users are logged on to the system. The operating system automatically terminates services at system shutdown or a user can manually terminate them.

FairCom’s FairCom Server is compatible with Windows Service support.

The FairCom Server .msi installers will configure the FairCom Server process to operate under the Windows Service Manager by default. To manually install FairCom DB as a Windows service, use the Windows sc.exe command.


C:> sc create "FairCom DB SQL" binPath= "C:\install_path\faircom.exe" start= auto DisplayName= "FairCom DB SQL Database Engine"

Tip: A space is required after binPath=, start=, and DisplayName=

The FairCom service features all of the capabilities and advantages of Windows services described above. As with any service, the FairCom service can be configured to start automatically when the machine comes up, can run invisibly no matter which users are logged on or if no user is logged on, and will shut down automatically when the host machine shuts down.

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