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Multiple FairCom DB Servers on One Machine

The FairCom Server supports running multiple instances of the server on the same machine.

To run multiple FairCom DB instances, each instance must be individually licensed, have a unique name (communications ports), and have a unique set of server and data files.

Important! Separate FairCom DB instances cannot share files.

For each FairCom DB instance, you must:

  1. Install FairCom DB into a unique directory.
  2. License each FairCom DB instance. Every instance of FairCom DB requires a separate license.
  3. Specify a unique Server Name in the configuration file, ctsrvr.cfg, as described in Configuring the FairCom Server. (Don't forget unique SQL port numbers.)
  4. Configure each instance to have a unique Service Name if running as a Windows service (described in Configuring the FairCom Server).