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The configuration option DIAGNOSTICS DADV_ERR can be used to enable logging of a diagnostic message to CTSTATUS.FCS when a DADV_ERR error occurs. The message includes the name of the data file, the record offset at which the update was attempted without holding a lock, the c-tree function number and subfunction number, the caller's user ID, and the caller's node ID. Sample message:

Fri Mar 31 10:17:28 2017

- User# 00022 DADV_ERR: file=qaopnfil.dat offset=18863 func=121(0) userid=ADMIN nodeid=qaopnfil043: 57

This diagnostic logging can be enabled and disabled at runtime.

To enable diagnostic logging:


To disable diagnostic logging:


Using the ctadmn utility to enable or disable diagnostic logging:

10. Change Server Settings

9. Change a DIAGNOSTICS option

Enter the DIAGNOSTICS option to enable or disable >> CHECKLOCK

Successfully changed the DIAGNOSTICS option.