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YES causes automatic recovery to recover to the last Restore Point.

When RECOVER_TO_RESTORE_POINT is YES, then automatic recovery (after a crash) comprises two steps:

  1. the recovery of all transactions committed before the crash; and
  2. the rollback of transactions to the last Active Restore Point.

If DELAYED_DURABILITY is in effect at the time of the crash, then in step 1 it is not guaranteed that all transactions committed after the last Restore Point have their transaction log entries on disk (i.e., permanent storage).

Note: If DELAYED_DURABILITY is in effect and RECOVER_TO_RESTORE_POINT is NO, then automatic recovery will attempt to recover all transactions that had committed before the crash; but some transactions committed after the Restore Point and before the crash may be recovered and others lost so that the files may be in an unexpected state. There is no way to predict which transactions may have been lost.

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