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On Unix systems, the FairCom DB shared memory communication protocol creates a file that clients use to find the shared memory identifier for its shared memory logon region, and it creates named pipes for initial communication between client and server.

SHMEM_PERMISSIONS <permissions> sets the permissions for the shared memory resources. The default is 660. 666 will allow access to FairCom DB by any user account. Your the system umask setting for the account can alter this default. Explicitly setting SHMEM_PERMISSIONS avoids issues with umask affecting the default.

Note: Use caution when increasing the access permissions to the shared memory resources. For example, shared memory permission of 666 allows any user to attach to a shared memory segment and read or write to it. This means that any process could make a request to FairCom Server or could read the request data of another process through such a shared memory region.

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