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SHMEM_DIRECTORY <directory_name>

On Unix systems, the FairCom DB shared memory communication protocol creates a file that clients use to find the shared memory identifier for its shared memory logon region, and it creates named pipes for initial communication between client and server.

This option sets the directory in which FairCom DB stores files used for connecting using the Unix shared memory protocol.

This configuration option can include an environment variable name that will be substituted with its value when the configuration file is read.

NOTE: If SHMEM_DIRECTORY is set, clients must be able to find this non-default directory.
Client processes will check the environment variable CTREE_SHMEM_DIRECTORY (see "Client Configuration" in Shared Memory Client-Server Communication for Unix/Linux). A client looking in the wrong location for shared memory information may take extra time to connect waiting for the shared memory protocol to timeout before falling back to TCP.

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