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Enable advanced encryption for files.

When Advanced Encryption is enabled, FairCom DB prompts for a master password at server startup. Run the ctcpvf utility to generate an encrypted password for use when launching the Advanced Encryption enabled Server. This will generate the file ctsrvr.pvf.

Note: Developers can use the FairCom DB SDK to replace this prompt with an application-specific method of retrieving the master password.

Any time you change the advanced encryption setting, you should delete the FAIRCOM.FCS file (which contains user and group information) before restarting FairCom DB as user and group information is encrypted for protection as well. All user and group information must be recreated if the FAIRCOM.FCS file is deleted.

Client implementation of Advanced Encryption is accomplished through the use of the SetEncryption() function. Refer to the c-tree Plus Function Reference Guide for details on this function. FairCom DB File and User Security are available only when using the client/server operational model.

Default: NO

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