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Encrypt the FAIRCOM.FCS file at the time it is created. Note: This keyword will not encrypt an existing file.

To enable the encryption of the user group information file, FAIRCOM.FCS, set ADMIN_ENCRYPT YES (default). The default setting uses AES encryption, adding an additional level of security for passwords and user definitions stored in the file. FairCom DB File and User Security are available only when using the client/server operational model.

To disable the encryption of this file, set ADMIN_ENCRYPT No.

Note: AES encryption is only available if ADVANCED_ENCRYPTION YES is specified in ctsrvr.cfg. This implies that when ADVANCED_ENCRYPTION NO is set, the ADMIN_ENCRYPT option scrambles FAIRCOM.FCS using FairCom's CAMO technology. CAMO or "Camouflage" is an older, legacy method of hiding data, which is not a standards-conforming encryption scheme, such as AES. It is not intended as a replacement for Advanced Encryption or other security systems.

Default: YES