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With very large (2GB+) caches, it may be possible for a file to never be written to disk during its entire life cycle. When the FairCom Server is shut down, it begins to flush files to disk. In the case of a “scratch” or “temp” file, the application vendor may not care if c-tree flushes this file to disk.

NO_SHUTDOWN_FLUSH skips file flushing during server shutdown. Note that <file name> may specify a wildcard pattern, with ‘?’ replacing a single character and ‘*’ replacing a group of characters. See FairCom DB Standard Wildcards. Non-transaction controlled files can be specified as shown below for this treatment, but such a file will be corrupted after shutdown if file flushing was actually skipped. Transaction-controlled files that are not flushed will simply lengthen automatic recovery times.

Default: Flush at shutdown