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LOG_ENCRYPT enables encryption of the FairCom Server transaction logs adding an additional level of security for user data stored in the logs. Note: This keyword will not encrypt an existing file.

  • With LOG_ENCRYPT YES and ADVANCED_ENCRYPTION NO (or not specified) logs are "encrypted" with CAMO.
  • With LOG_ENCRYPT YES and ADVANCED_ENCRYPTION YES logs are encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. (Highest strength available.)

Before changing this setting, delete existing transaction logs (L0*.FCS), log templates (L0*.FCT), and start files (S0*.FCS).

Note: CAMO or "Camouflage" is an older, legacy method of hiding data, which is not a standards-conforming encryption scheme, such as AES. It is not intended as a replacement for Advanced Encryption or other security systems.

Default: NO