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Advanced File Encryption

FairCom DB supports encryption of data, index, and transaction log files. This technology provides the means to add an extra level of confidentiality to an application’s data. Once encrypted, it becomes difficult for a user to “dump” or “inspect” the data.

FairCom DB File and User Security are available only when using the client/server operational model.

Advanced File Encryption includes a suite of protocols that will protect user data by what is loosely called strong encryption with a certain amount of performance overhead. Historically, enabling encryption impacted database performance, however with modern hardware performance, the impact of data encryption is approaching negligible levels for most applications. The algorithms and protocols used are based on three primitives:

  • Secure One-Way Hash Function (MD5)
  • Block Ciphers (DES and AES)
  • Pseudo-Random Number Generators

In This Section

File-Specific Encryption Control

Using Advanced Encryption

Advanced Encryption Configuration

c-tree Client Implementation

Transport Layer Security Secures Data in Transit between Network FairCom DB Clients and Servers

AWS Security

Encrypted Data Master Key Library