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The STARTUP_BLOCK_LOGONS FairCom Server configuration keyword prevents non-ADMIN user logons when the server is started. Only users in the ADMIN group are allowed to logon.

This feature allows the server to start for ADMIN purposes before authorizing access by non-ADMIN users. This could include creating or adjusting files, adjusting security options, or any other operations that require a functioning Server but are more conveniently accomplished when users are not connected to the Server.

Once the ADMIN work is finished, call Security() with the following command to allow all user logons:


Allow SIGNAL_READY and ADMIN SQL Connections

A revision changes the behavior of STARTUP_BLOCK_LOGON for FairCom DB SQL Server so that SIGNAL_READY and the SQL listener threads run immediately. For SQL connections there is a choice of two behaviors when logons are blocked at server startup:

  1. The configuration option STARTUP_BLOCK_LOGON YES only allows ISAM connections by the ADMIN user. SQL connections are rejected with the new error code 1158 (SQL_LOGON_BLOCKED_ERR, "SQL connection is blocked from logon due to server startup logon block").
  2. The configuration option STARTUP_BLOCK_LOGON YES:ALLOW_SQL allows both ISAM and SQL connections by the ADMIN user.

Compatibility Change: This revision changes the behavior of STARTUP_BLOCK_LOGON for FairCom DB SQL Server.

Affected Components: c-treeSQL Server