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Accessing File Security

Extended Functions

In the first several chapters of this manual, we mentioned the extended functions. These functions perform the same operations as their complementary standard functions, with the additional ability to access the FairCom DB file security features. These functions have a suffix of Xtd (for instance, the extended version of InitCTree() is InitCTreeXtd()). The extended functions are:

  • CreateDataFileXtd()
  • CreateIndexFileXtd()
  • CreateIFileXtd()
  • CreateISAMXtd()
  • InitISAMXtd()
  • InitCTreeXtd()
  • OpenCtFileXtd()
  • OpenFileWithResourceXtd()
  • OpenIFileXtd()
  • OpenISAMXtd()
  • RebuildIFileXtd()
  • TempIIndexXtd()

Security function

In addition to the extended functions, FairCom DB provides the Security() function to manipulate file passwords and permissions.