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Embedding the FairCom Database Engine

All challenging software projects have specific and unique needs. Whether it is alternate sort criteria or your own specific twist, the FairCom Server SDK was designed to provide you the ability to address server-side issues with custom functionality directly via source code. FairCom DB includes the ability for you to create your own FairCom Server.

This SDK provides the advanced engineer the means to take control of the Server component of a client-server development project. Based on FairCom’s proven database engine, this technology exposes critical server-side subsystems and provides developers unique insights and access to these source code components.

In addition, the ability to use the FairCom Server “core engine” within your own custom server is also provided. Support for creating “user-defined” DLLs that can be dropped under a FairCom Server (similar to an ISAPI DLL used by the Microsoft’s Internet Server), further expands the flexibility for server-side development. Although seamlessly integrated into the FairCom DB product, we refer to these features as the FairCom Server SDK.

The FairCom Server SDK is integrated seamlessly into the FairCom DB product. While a separate license is required to deploy the Servers you create, everything you need for development and testing is included. All binary components are included in your FairCom DB Professional distribution.

This chapter explains how to get started with the FairCom Server SDK and describes options available. FairCom wants to provide you with as much access and flexibility as you might need to implement your advanced solutions. We strongly encourage you to call us and discuss your project. We have years of experience implementing custom Servers technology. Call us with your most demanding database challenges!

In This Chapter

Server-Side Models

Making Your Own Server

CTUSER Function

Create Your Own Engine - Bound Server Model

Create a FairCom Server - FairCom Custom Server

printf() and exit() Overrides

User-defined SIGNAL_READY and SIGNAL_DOWN Functions

Engineering Control