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Server Administration API

The FairCom Server Administrator Function API allows developers to maintain system administrator necessities from within C programs. Use this set of functions to maintain users, groups, and file security. Also included are functions to monitor the Server.

The command line version of FairCom’s system administrator program, sa_admin, can be used to perform operations from shell scripts. This example program demonstrates how developers can implement system administrator capabilities within their own programs.

It is possible to perform administration functions, such as adding users, changing passwords, defining user groups, from a C function API. The FairCom DB module ctiadm.c contains the following functions, which are detailed in the function reference section:

NINT SA_USERS(COUNT action, saUSRINFO *usrinfo);

NINT SA_GROUP(COUNT action, saGRPINFO *grpinfo);

NINT SA_FILES(COUNT action, saFILINFO *filinfo);

NINT SA_LOGON(pTEXT admnuid, pTEXT admnpwd, pTEXT filepwd, pTEXT servername);


For more information on the User, Group, and File security options, see “Security and Encryption (File Security and Encryption, /doc/ctreeplus/FileSecurityandEncryption.htm)” in this manual and the “Controlling FairCom Server Access” section of the FairCom Server Administrator’s Guide.