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ctstop - Server Stop Utility

Operational Model:

  • Client


ctstop [ -auto ] [ <AdminId> <AdminPassword> <ServerName> [ delay ] ]

This utility shuts down a FairCom Server.

Passing the -auto switch to ctstop without specifying a ServerName, AdminPassword, or AdminID shuts down a FairCom Server with the defaults shown below:


The ctstop utility supports passing in ServerName, AdminPassword, and AdminID when the -auto switch is used.

The optional delay value is the number of seconds to wait before shutting down, with a default of no delay and a maximum of 60 seconds.

Note: If the Replication Agent is running on a server, replication should be stopped before trying to stop the server. If replication is running when you attempt to stop the server, you will see error 792 (External server shutdown disabled).

Authentication File

This utility supports the use of an encrypted password file. Encrypted password files keep user IDs and passwords from plain view when the utility is used within a script file. They are created with the ctcmdset utility. The plain text form of the file should be:

; User Id
; User Password
PASSWD <pass>

Use the -1 option to specify the name of the encrypted file. Use the -1 option to specify the name of the encrypted file.