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Starting & Stopping the Windows Service

If the FairCom Server is configured to run as a Windows service, there are various ways to start and stop that service and to see if it’s currently running.

From the Services Administrative Tool

The Services administrative tool (which is shipped with Windows) can be used to control how the FairCom Server runs as a Windows service (see the image below). This tool is available in the Windows Administrative Tools section of the Start menu or by typing services.msc in the Run dialog.

The FairCom Server will be listed as FairCom DB Server or FairCom EDGE Server depending on which FairCom product you have installed. (If you are using a release before V12/V3, the FairCom Server is listed as FairCom DB Database Engine or as c-treeEdge Database Engine.)

The Status column indicates whether the service is currently running. The buttons above the Name column can be used to manually start and stop the service.

By right-clicking the FairCom Server item in the list, additional settings can be controlled (such as the Startup Type: whether the c-tree service automatically starts on Windows boot-up).

If the FairCom Server is not listed in the Services window, even after you press the Refresh button, it is not currently installed as a service.

From a Command Prompt

Various commands can be used from a DOS Command Prompt to start and stop services. You need administrator privileges to manipulate services, so start the shell “as administrator.” These commands are not case-sensitive.

  • Note: In the latest Windows versions, it is preferred to use the sc (service controller) command shown below rather than net to control services (although net is still supported and can be used instead of sc).

To start the FairCom service:

FairCom DB

sc start FairCom-DB

FairCom Edge

sc start FairCom-EDGE


sc start ctreeRTG

If the service is already running, the command will print "The requested service has already been started." This provides a way to detect if the service is running and to start it if it is not with a single command.

To stop the FairCom service:

FairCom DB

sc stop FairCom-DB

FairCom Edge

sc stop FairCom-EDGE


sc stop ctreeRTG

To query if the FairCom service is running:

FairCom DB

sc query FairCom-DB

FairCom Edge

sc query FairCom-EDGE


sc query ctreeRTG