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FairCom DB OEM Installation Notes

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FairCom Database Engine

FairCom ADO.NET Data Provider

FairCom ODBC Driver

FairCom JDBC Driver

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FairCom Database Engine

The FairCom Database Engine is designed for ease of deployment and administration. In many cases, a deployment can simply copy the server executable and configuration, start the server process and walk away for unattended operation. Described below are the specific files and options available for the deployment process to successfully install the FairCom database engine as part of an OEM total package deployment.

Required Executable Files to Copy

The required FairCom server files will be found in the \server directory. The files listed below are the only required files for a FairCom database engine installation. These can be placed together in any single directory with appropriate permissions.

  • faircom.exe
  • ctreedbs.dll
  • ctsrmc.dll
  • Ctree.SqlSP.dll (required for SQL .NET Stored Procedures)
  • ctsrvrxxxxxxxx.lic - License file

FairCom Configuration File

A FairCom configuration file provides directives for various server options. This file typically resides in the same directory as the server executable, however, it may be located elsewhere and pointed to by either a command line option when starting the server, or an environment variable (refer to the FairCom Database Engine Server Administrator's Guide for details).

  • ctsrvr.cfg

FairCom Administrator Utilities

The following executables are provided for the FairCom administrator. These can be located in a central secured location to protect the integrity of the FairCom installation.

  • ctcpvf.exe - generates the master server password for encryption.
  • ctcfgset.exe - creates an encrypted server configuration file

Many other administrator utilities are available, including statistics monitoring, administrator utility, and backup and restore utilities. These are located in the \tools directory of the FairCom installation. The suite of GUI based utilities is also available for distribution.

Note: The FairCom restore utility, ctrdmp.exe, is available from the command-line tools included in the tools folder.

FairCom Java Environment

FairCom SQL Stored Procedures and Triggers require a functioning Java environment. This is not supplied with the FairCom installation and should be obtained and installed independently. Java 6 (1.6) is the recommended Java framework. Three (3) server configuration environment settings specified in ctsrvr.cfg enable these features by providing the paths for the required Java components.

  • SETENV CLASSPATH=<directory path>\ctreeSQLSP.jar
  • SETENV JVM_LIB=<directory path>\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll
  • SETENV JAVA_COMPILER=<directory path>\bin\javac.exe

To create stored procedures requires the full Java SDK with the javac.exe compiler. To execute stored procedures and triggers requires only the Java run-time engine (JRE).

The ctreeSQLSP.jar file is required for creating or executing Java stored procedures and triggers and will be found in the \bin\ace\sql\classes directory of the default FairCom DB installation. This file can be installed wherever appropriate for your installation and is referenced with the above configuration.

FairCom as a Windows Service

There are several options available to install the FairCom database engine as a Windows Service.

  • Use the Windows Service Control manager utility, sc.exe, provided with your Windows installation. For example:

    >sc <windows UNC> create "FairCom DB Database Engine" binPath= c:\FairCom\faircom.exe start= auto DisplayName= "FairCom DB Database Engine"

  • Create a custom service with these details. The Description and Display strings can be modified to match your application requirements.


    Note: Use caution when specifying that the service can interact with the desktop. Newer versions of Windows do not allow service interaction and any displayed windows that require interaction will "hang" the server as they will not be displayed.

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FairCom ADO.NET Data Provider

The FairCom DB ADO.NET Driver integrates directly into the Microsoft Visual Studio Development environments.

Files Installed:

  • All files in /

Registry Keys

The following Windows registry keys are are required to integrate the FairCom SQL ADO.NET Data Provider into Visual Studio.


@=".NET Framework Data Provider for FairCom"


"Description"="Provider_Description, Ctree.VisualStudio.Data.Resources"

"DisplayName"="Provider_DisplayName, Ctree.VisualStudio.Data.Resources"


"ShortDisplayName"="Provider_ShortDisplayName, Ctree.VisualStudio.Data.Resources"













GAC (Global Assembly Cache)

Register the \drivers\\Ctree.Data.SqlClient into the .NET Framework GAC using the GACUTIL.EXE utility provided by Microsoft.

.NET Framework machine.config Update

Make the following additions to the machine.config .NET framework configuration file found in the following Windows directory:


Add the following XML tags:

  • Into <configuration><><DbProviderFactories>
    • <add name="FairCom Data Provider" invariant="Ctree.Data.SqlClient" description=".Net Framework Data Provider for FairCom" type="Ctree.Data.SqlClient.CtreeSqlClientFactory, Ctree.Data.SqlClient, Version=N/A, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0ce73727dc1039a8" />

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FairCom ODBC Driver

The FairCom ODBC Driver installer registers the driver into the Windows ODBC Administrator and create a data source. Below are specific registry entries required for installation of the driver:



"FairCom ODBC Driver"

  • Driver: \drivers\sql.odbc\ctodbc9.dll
  • Setup: \drivers\sql.odbc\ctsetup9.dll

Data Source


"FairCom ODBC Driver"

  • Driver: "<FairCom ODBC Driver" (references the driver registry entry above)
  • Description: "FairCom ODBC Driver"
  • Password: "ADMIN"
  • User ID: "ADMIN"
  • Database: "ctreeSQL"
  • Host: "localhost"
  • Service: "6597"

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FairCom JDBC Driver

The FairCom DB SQL JDBC driver is a full type 4 (native Java) JDBC driver, and as such, is platform independent. The FairCom DB SQL JDBC Driver jar file is located in the following FairCom DB installation directory:

  • \drivers\sql.jdbc\ctreeJDBC.jar

This file can be located anywhere in an application installation and is referenced solely with an appropriate Java CLASSPATH specification. For example:

  • CLASSPATH=.<path to FairCom DB install>\drivers\sql.jdbc\ctreeJDBC.jar\ctreeJDBC.jar

The FairCom JDBC Driver file requires no changes to any other system component.