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Domain Sockets for Faster Unix/Linux Shared Memory Connections

FairCom Servers for Unix and Linux use a Unix domain socket instead of named pipes for the initial shared memory protocol communication between the client and server. (In earlier releases, all Unix and Linux systems except AIX used named pipes for the initial shared memory connection.)

  • The FairCom Server uses a Unix domain socket instead of a pair of named pipes for the initial communication when a client connects to the server. The FairCom Server creates the named pipes and, when a client connects, the server waits for the client to write to either the socket or the named pipe. In this way, the server is able to support both clients that use the new method and those that use the original method.
  • The COMPATIBILITY SHMEM_PIPE configuration option has been deprecated and no longer has any effect.
  • FairCom clients (both ISAM and SQL) now use the Unix domain socket method when connecting using the shared memory protocol if the server indicates that it supports it. If not, the clients use the original method.
  • A FairCom client library can be compiled with #define NO_ctFeatUNIX_SHMEMsocket to force the client to use the original method only.