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V11.5 Update Guide




Updates to the FairCom DB Database Technology


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 We are excited about the new features we are introducing in the latest release of c-treeACE: Version 11.5.

The FairCom team is constantly evaluating ways to advance the state of the art of the industry's original multimodel database, c-treeACE. This release is the result of extensive research and development of a useful set of new features.

The rich set of powerful new features making their debut in this release includes advances in such areas as replication, schema management, search, and more:

  • Performance Gains - As a company founded by—and run by—developers, FairCom is keenly aware of the need to speed up your applications. This release demonstrates performance gains throughout the product.
  • Hot Alter Table - Allows you to make changes to a table's schema on-the-fly for minimum downtime rolling out application upgrades.
  • Full-Text Search - This powerful new tool for indexing and searching textual data provides plain-text search for applications that process large volumes of textual data.
  • Replication User-Defined Extensions - Extend Replication Agent flexibility and customization by calling custom functions so you can automatically perform operations such as extract, transform, & load (ETL), data aggregation, and conflict resolution.
  • Replication Resync - Resynchronize a target "replica file" based on the current "source file" with minimum impact in runtime. Can be utilized to address occasional situations when a loss of connection causes a target file to become out-of-sync with the source.
  • Transport Layer Security - TLS is now available through ADO.NET and JDBC, allowing applications to secure data in transit between network clients and c-treeACE servers.
  • Index Range Support for Segment Groups - This new feature provides a new range operator that can perform retrievals on key ranges defined over a set of contiguous key segments called a "segment group."
  • c-treeACE PHP 7 PDO - c-treeACE now includes native support for the PHP 7 PDO (PHP Data Object) extension by including a database-specific PDO driver.
  • Data Integrity - A substantial effort is always aimed at maintaining the utmost standards in data integrity. This release consolidates these efforts throughout the product.
  • More New Features in V11.5 - c-treeACE V11.5 is packed with new features throughout the product: Security, Enhancements to the c-treeACE Server and the Core Engine, SQL and NoSQL APIs, Extended Features, Configuration, and Administrative Tools.

Notable Compatibility Changes - This section lists important c-treeACE known compatibility changes from prior releases. It is important to review these issues to ensure your application continues to function correctly after upgrading.

Release Notes - Please also review the V11.5 Release Notes document, which has information on fixes included in this release, including critical fixes.

We hope you are as excited about these new features as we are.