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c-treeACE V10.3 Update Guide

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c-treeACE V10.3 Update Guide




FairCom’s high-performance NAV and SQL database technology.


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 This document describes the new features in c-treeACE V10.3

The FairCom team is pleased to present the V10.3 edition of the c-treeACE database technology. This release benefits from the extensive feedback from customers whose implementations you encounter every day. Whether you are using your credit card, shipping a package, picking up a lottery chance, or buying tickets for your favorite concert, you are supported by the power of c-treeACE—we work closely with the vendors of these commercial applications around the world.

We would like to thank our customers for their support. We owe you the credit for pushing us with your real-world demands.

Precision engineering is what we do. FairCom’s exacting engineering results in a precision product for your customers. To achieve this, FairCom provides a unique model not available from traditional database vendors. We start with proven high-quality database technology and the people who write and know this code. Then we add the ability for customers to engage in a close technical relationship with our experienced engineering team. The result is a precision engineered solution for your exacting needs.

This new release is packed with innovations, improvements, and enhancements.

So, whether you are a new c-treeACE user or a veteran code warrior, we encourage you to take a close look at our latest efforts described in the pages that follow and “Scale Up” to the best work we have yet offered: c-treeACE V10.3.

We thank you for your business.


The FairCom Team