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Configuring the ODBC Data Source

Installations on Microsoft Windows require that the FairCom ODBC driver be installed. If you installed c-tree using the Windows .msi file installer, this was done for you. If you installed using a ZIP file, you will need to use the FairComConfig tool (typically found in the FairCom tools\setup folder) to install the FairCom ODBC driver yourself, as described in a subsequent section. If you are running on Linux, you do not need to install the ODBC driver.

Determining if the FairCom ODBC Driver Is Installed

From your Microsoft Windows System Control Panel, under Administrative Tools, open the Data Sources (ODBC) tool. Note that newer versions of Windows list this tool as ODBC Data Sources:

ODBC Quick Start - Control Panel

You should see the FairCom ODBC Driver installed.

The FairCom ODBC Driver needs to be listed in two different places. Firstly, it needs to be listed in the User DSN tab, as show here:

Secondly, the FairCom ODBC Driver needs to be listed in the Drivers tab, as shown here:

ODBC Quick Start - Data Drivers

If the FairCom ODBC Driver is not listed in both of these places, install it using the steps detailed in the following section.

Installing the FairCom ODBC Driver

If the FairCom ODBC driver is missing from the above two lists, you need to install it using the FairComConfig tool. To do this, follow the steps in Installing the Windows Service with FairComConfig.exe.

Be sure the FairCom ODBC Driver is installed, as indicated in the following image:

Once you have configured the FairCom ODBC Driver, you may need to exit and then restart the ODBC Data Sources administrative tool to refresh and list the FairCom ODBC Driver on both of its tabs.