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Run the PHP PDO Tutorials with Microsoft IIS

FairCom DB PHP includes a set of tutorials intended for use with the PHP 7 PDO extension. To install and execute these tutorials with Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS), be sure to install IIS and PHP 7.x.x as described in the previous sections. Next, you will need to copy the tutorial files into the IIS root directory as shown in this section.

Configure the FairCom DB PHP Extension

  1. Copy the contents of the c-tree PHP PDO “tutorials” directory into the C:\inetpub\wwwroot directory. Note that this will require Administrator privileges. The files should come from the following location, where <basedir> is your c-tree installation folder:
  2. Open your favorite web browser and connect to http://localhost. You should see the index.htm page with hyperlinks to the three tutorials to be executed. Note that on some systems you might have to use this URL instead: http://localhost/index.htm

  3. Click on the tutorial hyperlinks to execute the tutorials:

Note that if the following error is shown, it usually means the FairCom Database Engine is not running on your machine. The most likely cause is that the c-tree evaluation license times out after 3 hours and shuts down the server. The solution is to restart the server. See the Setup section for instructions.

Logon to server...

SQLSTATE[20212] ctsqlConnect: -20212 Error in Network Daemon - SQL ERROR [-20212