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Configure Microsoft IIS

To configure IIS for PHP, follow these steps:

Note: This section shows typical procedures using Windows 7 as an example. Some of the dialog and labels may look different in other versions of Windows.

  1. Windows 7: Open the Start Menu, select Run, and execute InetMgr.exe:

  1. Windows 10: Search for InetMgr.exe in taskbar's search field, and select the application ("Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager") that appears.

    The following steps are for Windows 7 and 10
  2. In the InetMgr main window, double-click Handler Mappings:

  3. In the Handler Mappings window, click Add Module Mapping... on the right-side Actions menu:

  4. Complete the "Add Module Mapping" dialog window with the following:

    Request Path: *.php
    Module: FastCgiModule
    Executable: This needs to be filled in with the full path to the “php-cgi.exe” executable that is in the “Release” folder from step 15 of the previous section. An example path would be “C:\php-sdk\phpdev\vc15\x64\Release\php-cgi.exe”, but it will likely be different on your machine.
    Name: PHP

  5. Click OK and then Yes on the "Add Script Map" message box that appears. Finally, close the InetMgr dialog.
  6. Restart your computer to ensure everything is configured.

Note: It is not mandatory to restart your computer at this time, however, it is advised to ensure IIS is properly configured.